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If you love a casual hairstyles, then you have to look no further, messy hairstyles are one of the best casual hairstyles for women. Some times all you need is a simple freestyle hairstyle, you don’t have to worry about its neatness or getting frizzy, all you need is time for your self.

Messy hairstyle is suitable for vacations, because they require less attention and it’s very easy to style or maintain. After learning a few tricks in this post, you will be in position to create a long or short messy hairstyle by your self while at home.



This hairstyle looks better when your hair is long & messy

  • Brush your hair:- Before brushing through your hair, you have to damp & dry it. To get this particular messy long messy hairstyle, you will start with brushing your hair straight. Brushing it straight will help you get rid of tangles. Much as your hairstyle will be messy, it has to be tangle free, so this step is very crucial.
  • Make a Messy Knot Bun:- Grab your hair from both ends and make a pony messy braid bun, this nature of bun will not be featured at the top of you head, but rather at the back of your head, just like you see in the photo above.
  • Leave some hair Loose:- When making a braided bun, let some hair stay loose, it is not supposed to be coiled in the bun. If you need a good example on how this will come out, simply look at the photo above.
  • Spray your hair:- Even though the hairstyle in question looks messy, you have to spray it, this will keep it soft and moist all day long.


  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Brush
  • Hair Spray
  • Messy Ponytail
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