How to Box Braids Tutorial

How to Box Braids

How to Box Braids is the classic protective hairstyle for women with natural hair! This braid hairstyle also works perfectly for transitioning hair and relaxed hair. If you never did box braids on your own hair before then this is the perfect braiding tutorial for you!

box braids

How to box braids. I will show you step by step exactly how to box braid your hair so this is definitely a beginner friendly hair tutorial! Traditional Box Braids are a little different from Jumbo Box Braids because box braid plaits are a little bit smaller than the size of Poetic Justice Braids.

This style takes only a couple of hours to do but if you are beginner, this is the style you save to do on your day off just in case it takes you a lot longer to do.

How to box braids. I will show you exactly how to achieve box braids for beginners this channel is almost at 100,000 subscribers so make sure to subscribe and click the bell for notification so that you can watch more beginner friendly hair tutorials. I can’t wait to show you how easy this is so let’s get started.

You actually don’t need a lot of products to achieve this look. You need about six to eight packages of braiding hair. you need a rat tail comb a wide tooth comb curlers for your hair. you need haircutting scissors as well as edge control.

How to box braids. So now I’m going to show you on our first package of braiding hair by removing this rubber band. How to actually prepare for your break the ends are very straight across and what you want to do is break up the bluntness. So you want to do what caused the feathering technique.

To do this process you’re just going to pull on the ends of the hair. you’re going to roll the end in one hand and then use your other hand to right through any little bit of a knock so you may have created as you are doing the feathering process so that way the inter tapered.

How to Box Braids. Now you’re going to cut the hair at a downward angle to clean up the ends and you want to check, just to be sure that you feathered it. You want to make sure that all your braids come to a point so that’s why this feathering technique is so important to prevent your braids from unraveling.

Now I have a small section of hair left and I’m going to show you two ways to do your box break so be sure to pay attention to both techniques because this is very important. Now divide your hair into two sections each section will be a braid. Now I’m just turning each section in all directions so you can get an idea for how big your parts need to be.

Now taking one section you’re going to divide this section into three equal pieces. This is the first way that I’m going to show you how to box break. What you want to do is then overlap one piece over the other so I always overlap the middle to the left and then the new middle piece to the right so that it creates a three-legged brain.

You have to make sure to rotate each middle piece back and forth around itself so that way you have a neat break right before you begin box braiding your hair so you want to braid your real hair first in an individual braid. I highly suggest this technique for beginners because it makes it a lot easier for you to actually attach your braiding hair and it’s very easy to prevent your inks from sticking out as well, when you twist them.

So now this is how your braid should look right before you begin adding your braiding hair so add your braiding hair you want to pinch off a medium to large-sized of hair and then you want to go ahead and put that hair in your lap so that you can begin preparing to add it.

Now with the remaining hair in your hand you’re just kind of tie it in one big knot. This is important to preventing your hair from getting very tingly and knotted because it’s easy for the sense that you’re extremely single because of the nature of it is slightly kinky.

Now divide your section into two pieces, one piece has to be smaller than the other so you’re pinching off 1/3 of its original size for the smaller leg. Now with that smaller leg that you see in my right hand I’m going to wrap it around this bigger leg and that’s going to create for me three equal legs to my break so that way the first sized piece actually turned into an equal part and these are the three legs that you see here.

now grabbing that small piece that you wrapped around you’re going to use the 3 main fingers of your dominant hand for me that’s my right hand you’re going to pinch the hair very close where joint and then you’re going to make sure the other hair is resting in your hand rotate your dominant hand underneath.

Open your index and your thumb to pinch that leg that middle leg is going to be with your real hair so you’re going to make sure you’re opening and closing your Pinterest down to add to here now with this individual that we just braid it we’re going to go ahead and add it in between our index and our thumb so make sure you’re paying attention because this is very very easy and simple.

Now you go to put that loop leg to one side and you’re going to rotate your hand slightly to the right or your dominant hand. If your dominant hand is your right hand and then you’re going to continue to rotate the other hand as well so that you can see the hair into itself.

So if you can master actually doing an individual braid without using weave then you can easily add braiding hair to your hair without you having any issues at all. If you’ve never box braided before I highly suggest that you actually practice this as you see me doing it so you can really get it exactly how you need to do a box braid.

Now I’m just going to rotate my hands in front of me so that it’s a little easier for me to continue braiding all the way down now because you’ve read it your real hair into an individual braid. It makes the Brooking process extremely easy when you’re at the roots of your hair is very easy for your braids to actually slide down too far on your real hair and that’s why for beginners I suggest that you break your real hair in an individual braid part.

Now to make all legs equal to reach the bottom just pinch off a little bit of hair from a neighboring braid so that you can continue braiding all the way down to the end cut off the move remaining ends with your scissors to clean up the braid so that’s a braid of very neat and seamless as you can see this is how clean with your bride should look especially when you use hair that matches your natural hair color.

Now I’m going to show you one more example in this time you’re going to divide this section into two pieces and you need the hairs to remain loose, now I’m going to show you what color braiding hair. How to do this so that way you can clearly see where your real hair should go you’re still going to feed your hair in the same way you did the other braid but this hair is loose.

So there’s no pre braiding occurs you’re just going to continue to rotate one leg over the other by inserting your index finger to hook the outer leg that’s how you actually add hair to do your box for it. now you’re going to free your less dominant hand and you’re going to grab the remaining seats on this section into a separate leg and then continue braiding.

This process for this way of doing box braids is extremely helpful for those of you who have very silky or smooth great texture of hair because when you’re braiding your hair when your hair is very silky or smooth you notice that sometimes is very hard to prevent hair from sliding off that’s why I suggested to divide your section into two parts making sure that your hair is in two separate legs because one of the legs as you see here does not have any of your hair.

This is extremely helpful for those who have a hard time gripping at the roots as well now you want to just make sure that you continue braiding and if you notice that you have any of your real hair sticking out just use a little bit of edge control to smooth your real hair into the braiding hair.

Now cut off the remaining in it make sure to trim off any clips that stick out from your braid make sure that you pay attention to where your real hair is so that you don’t accidentally cut your hair. Now as you can see this is how it will look when you’re adding color to your braids so if this helped you to see how to do it be sure to give me a thumbs up to let me know.

How to box braids. Now as you can see all of my grades are completely installed and what I want to do is very quickly do a spin around so that you can see how your break to look. Now your brace may look a little different. If you decide to use color so you can use color or you can use black hair if you prefer.

How to box braids. So now I’m going to show you how to curl the ends of your braids. This adds its extra touch to your box. Right now I’m using a roller and this is a half inch cold wave water roller what you want to do is roll the ends of your braids first and then roll the braids on to the end so that the ends do not unravel when you dip it in hot water.

How to box braids. So now to slowly lower it into hot water making sure it was previously boiling so that the water is very hot. This is going to help your curls to stay and entire time you’re wearing these braids. Now squeeze it dry with a dry towel to release all the water and steam remove the plunger and slowly unravel it from your hair don’t yank it because you may disturb the curls because the curls are worn use scissors to trim up any ends that stick out so that it’s a lot morning after curling.

This is how your box braids should look at the end now. This step is completely optional but I love a little bit of collecting in so that’s why I like to use rollers to actually have curls ends of my hair to achieve a similar list with the edges of your hair.

All you have to do is use a rat tail comb and some edge control to actually smooth your hair exactly how you want it to look. So now that my edges are done very quickly I’m going to show you how my braids look at the scalp so that way you can have an idea of how you need to do with your box braids.

How to box braids. This is about the size that you want your braids to be for that traditional box braid look and I want to show you exactly how for the hair looks and how you want to actually part your hair. So as you can see with my technique the braid will not be too tight you can actually wear your hair up in a ponytail the first day if you so desire. More Tips

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