How To Braid Cornrows Step By Step – Features Pictures & Steps

Are you ready for cornrow braids? If yes, this article will teach you how to braid cornrows, I have made each step clear and easy to understand, so you will not find any difficult. After learning how to make them, we shall also cover tips on how to maintain them. If you want to get a perfect cornrow braid which does not fade quickly, it will take you some time braiding it, the basics I have outlined in this post can help you get good results, but if you fail, try to go to the saloon and get a professional hair touch.


Cornrow braids Hairstyles

Cornrow braids Hairstyles

PREPARE FOR THE HAIRSTYLE:- Before braiding your hair, you have to choose the right style.

  • Everything in life takes a plan: – I’m sure most of you will take this part for granted, but in actual sense, it is very important to plan, make some research and know which cornrow braids to have, compare your face shape with examples you have found online and see if you look alike, this is very important because they type of hairstyle for people with round faces differs from that of ladies with long hair. During this planning process, you should define the size of your cornrows, how big do you want them to be, which direction / position you want them to face, and so much more. Try to ask your friends if you look good with this type of hairstyle, and if one of them has ever done cornrows, ask them about the experience.
  • Wash your hair: – I did some research from some trusted source and they recommend dumping your hair using a spritz water spray . This might work for you if you previously cleaned your hair, but if you have taken a while without washing your hair, you might need to shampoo & condition it before making these braids. Remember when you braid your hair, it will stay in a dormant stage where you can’t brush / wash it as you used too, so its better you clean it very well before taking any further step. Dry your hair after washing and then brush it straight to remove any tangles, it’s very easy to braid hair when it’s straight and soft.
  • Divide your hair into sections: – Making small sections in your hair will make it easy to make cornrow braids. You can start with hair at the front; this is very easy to reach. Gather up hair which you’re not working on, this will create space for the section you want to braid first. If the section you’re braiding gets dry, moist it with some cream, this will make it soft and easy to braid. You should always apply a cream when hair gets dry during the braiding process.
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