How To Braid Cornrows Step By Step – Features Pictures & Steps

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How to Braid Cornrows Step By Step

Braid Cornrows Step By Step

‘’You can mix some color in your braids to make them look unique, but make sure you opt for a color which looks good on you. To get this color you don’t need to dye your hair, all you need is to use a colored hair extension’’


  • Hold your first section of hair and divide it into 3 strands. Make sure each strand is equal to another; this will give you the best results. At this point, it’s not you doing the braiding; it’s another person, because technically you can’t make perfect cornrows by yourself.
  • Start braiding your first section:- Since you have strands for each section, you will criss cross them over each other, the middle strand will always stay in the center, let the other two strands move to the left and right.

Please note: The shape of your cornrows and style will determine how complicated this process can be.

  • Go ahead and make more cornrow braids: – After getting things right with the first section, you can move onto other sections, braid them well until the all head is covered. If you want to put an Updo design or any other design, braid your hair following a pattern which will lead you to that design.
  • Secure your cornrow braid and prevent it from getting loose: You can make a small knot by using the braid its self. Don’t get tempted to use elastic rubber bands to secure braids; these bands are weak so they can’t secure your braid for so long.
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