How to Braid Hair – Features Pictures and Braiding Tips

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Braiding your hair can free you from some routine hair maintenance tasks. This type of hairstyle does not require too much maintenance because your hair will be compiled into one place. In most cases, braids are used to make curls / waves and our friends the African American use braids as a method of growing long hair.

It is not very easy to make braids, but in this post, I will give you some tips to help you learn how to braid hair. If you try any of them and fail, please go to professional hairstylist. On the other hand, you can use featured photos to get ideas and inspiration.


Black Women Braided Hairstyles

African American women are well known for featuring this traditional braid hairstyles, It has been tagged ‘’TRADITIONAL’’ because of its origin”. You can make this type of hairstyle, but you might need help from another person, because it’s not easy to perfect this braid by yourself’’



  • Wash your hair:- Before braiding your hair, its better you wash it clean. If you have dandruff, make sure you get rid of them by using a strong dandruff shampoo. Rinse out the shampoo and dry your hair using a blower. Brush your hair straight so that it stays tangle free, this will make it easy to braid.
  • Apply gel / cream to your hair before braiding:- The main purpose of doing this is to make your hair soft. It is quite easy and simple to braid hair when it’s soft rather than when its dry. I don’t say that you can’t braid hair when its dry, it’s possible, but your braids will look messy, but when it’s slightly oily, the braids will look smooth and beautiful.
  • Make different sections in your hair:- When you part your hair, it becomes very easy for you to make braids. However, to get traditional braids like the African lady featured in the picture above, you have to gather the same volume if hair in each section, this will ensure that all braids have the same volume. If you don’t follow this, some of your braids will be huge while others will be small.
  • Start Braiding:- Work on one section at a time, release hair in that section you have started with and divide it into two equal volumes, use your fingers/ comb tail to make those sections. Start braiding the left section with the right section; you should start braiding right from the roots as you go downwards, when you finish the first braid, secure it with a very small elastic band. However, some ladies bun the bottom of the braid, when this is done, it creates a seal at the bottom of the braid. But I’m not sure if that seal can last for long.
  • Continue Braiding:- Go ahead and braid other sections, but make sure the space between those braids is relative. You can use the picture featured above as an example.
  • Spray your braid: – After making those traditional braids, you need to spray them so that they stay moist; leaving your braid dry will make them frizzy and ugly.
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