How to Braid Hair – Features Pictures and Braiding Tips

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french braid hairstyle

”If you don’t like a traditional African American braid hairstyle I featured in position one, then try out this French braid hairstyle. It is quite easy to make, let’s see how you can make a French braid”

  • Wash and brush your hair straight:- I will not say a lot about this step, because I explained it in detail in our first option. But let me throw some little highlights about it. Use an organic hair shampoo to wash your hair, rinse it out with cold water to reserve natural oils and nutrients. Dry your hair so that it becomes wet free and then brush it out to get rid of tangles and knots. It is very easy to make French braids when your hair us tangle / knot free.
  • Pull your hair to the back: – If you look closely at the photo featured above, you can see that the lady pulled her hair to the back to form a ponytail. You should do the same thing, however, to get the exact French braid, you need to part your hair into two different sections, braid each section to the bottom, this will give you two French braids held at the back. Now, get both braids and cross them against each other to make one huge braid.
  • Secure the braid: After getting that huge French braid, you need to secure it with a translucent hair tie or elastic band. This will ensure that the braid doesn’t get loose.
  • Set your French braid with a good hair spray:- You can use a shine hair spray to add moisture and smoothness to your braid. However, if you want your hair to look messy and casual, you might leave it as it is.
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