How To Do Ponytail Hairstyles – Features Instructions And Pictures

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A ponytail hairstyles is a very simple and universal hairstyle, this is the type of hairstyle you can make immediately after bed / shower and you will be done within minutes. Ponytail hairstyles can be worn by both men and women, so there is no specific gender tied to this nature of hairstyle

Which means all instructions listed here can be used by both men & women. May be the only thing you have to note is that ponytails can’t be formed when your hair is short.

Jessica Simpson Ponytail Hairstyle

Note:- A ponytail hairstyles does not look good on women with round faces because it shows the all face.

  • Start by washing your hair:- This should be the first thing you should do, wash and clean your hair so that it gets soft and easy to pull to the back. You have to use the right shampoo / conditioner when cleaning your hair. If you an itchy scalp, I suggest you get a scalp examination, if you have dead skin, you need to use a dandruff shampoo. On the other hand, if you have colored hair, you need to opt for a colored hair shampoo, this will not remove your dye but it will leave your hair clean. If your hair has lots of chemical buildups, you might need to use a leave-in conditioner; it can sit in your hair for at least 5 – 10 minutes, that’s enough time to dissolve all stubborn chemicals. Rinse out the shampoo using cold water, this will help you retain a thick volume of hair, if you use hot water, it will rinse out the shampoo very well, but your hair will also lose natural oils produced by the scalp, and a ponytail hairstyle looks good when it’s oily and thick. After that process, go ahead and dry your hair, you can use a blower or a towel to do this job.
  • Brush your hair straight: – Brushing your hair will help you get rid of knots and tangles which might have formed while washing your hair. Use a detangling brush; it will do the job better. Make sure you brush it right from its roots, that will ensure that each strand is straight, however, if you have curly hair, you don’t need to brush out your hair straight, simply use your fingers to remove tangles / knots, if that process seems too long, you can use a wide toothed brush.
  • Spray your hair:- During the brushing process, your hair will dry out, so it’s better you spray it so that it gets moist and soft. Your pony tail will look amazing if its smooth and shiny, unless when you want a messy ponytail.
  • Pull your hair to the back:- This has to be done after brushing and smoothing your hair. It is a very simple process, so don’t freak out. Grab you hair and hold it at the back to form a tail, hold your tail with one hand and the other hand will hold an elastic band, secure the ponytail with a an elastic band. To get better results, you need to twist the band twice and pull the ponytail through the band. Let the band get close to the head, and that will make your ponytail look fabulous.
  • Try out other styles until you get the best ponytail hairstyle:- By default, all ponytails are secured to the back, however, most ladies prefer doing things in a different style, sometimes you don’t have to follow what everyone is doing, test out different ponytail styles, I know, we don’t have many of them, but you can switch position of your tail, let’s look at some cool examples below:
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