How To Get 360 Waves Overnight – Features Photos Of 360 Waves For Men

360 waves were made popular by Hip Hop artist Nelly and P-Diddy. These two artists have been spotted on several occasions with this type of hairstyle, it is a nice looking hairstyle for African American Men, so far, it’s the best way of styling very short hair for men. In this post, we shall learn how to get 360 waves overnight, it not matter if you have straight / hard to style hair, these steps will give you the best results.

360 waves hairstyle

360 waves hairstyle

Source:PREPARATION STAGE: To have great conrows you need to prepare your hair first and then style it.

  • Wash your hair well:- This has to be the first thing you have to do; this will make it easy to curl. It does not matter how difficult your hair is, once it’s moist and soft, these waves will form easily. You have to use the right hair shampoo for men, don’t get tempted to use your wife’s hair shampoo, it might not be good for your hair. Also determine the nature of waves / curls you want to have; this will determine how much hair you should leave on your head. For example, if you want small fine waves, this will call for very short hair but if you want very big waves, your head must have more hair to accommodate those big 360 waves. Men who have scalp issues, you might see a doctor and get an examination, if the issue is caused by dandruff / dead skin, you should treat it with a special dandruff shampoo for men.
  • Go to a barber and get a good haircut:- I’m 100% sure you can’t cut your own hair and get a perfect haircut as a barber would do, some saloons charge between $30 – $100 per haircut, you can bargain if possible, tell the barber the type of haircut you want, this will give them a clue on what to do.
  • Shop for Supplies:- After getting a perfect haircut, you can pass by a beauty store and shop for supplies. These might include a hand brush, wave shampoo which helps in making waves in your hair, hair lotion which can be used to add moisture to your hair, Pomade which helps in fixing waves firmly on your scalp. This is a small list of some of the supplies you need, but while at the barber shop, try to ask your hairstylist what you need to buy to make 360 waves.
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