Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles Transformation

With the information circulating about the “Friends” reunion that will air this year, you may be reminded of all the drama and humor in this television series. One thing you also can not forget: Jennifer Aniston hairstyles that plays Rachel Green.

The hair along the shoulder of this layered cut style becomes iconic and indeed it hits at that time. Not only Rachel’s hairstyles, Jennifer Aniston also has some hairstyles (not just straight and long style really!) Which is interesting to observe during his career. Check out the pictures below!


Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 1990

jennifer aniston hairstyles

Jen first appeared in the television series is through “Molloy”. However she is more remembered with Jeannie’s Role in her second television series “Ferris Bueller” in the same year. Although there is a layer accent, this hairstyle is more volume than Jen hairstyle in the following years.

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 1994

jennifer aniston hairstyles 1994

Jen admitted that this hairstyle is “the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen”. However, in fact, Rachel Green hairstyle in the series “Friends” is a big trend at that time. Her hairdresser? No other and no not Chris McMillan, hairstylist as well as best friend Jen.

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 1997

jennifer aniston hairstyles 1997

Jennifer Aniston that you see now is very often performed with straight hair. However, in 1997, Jen was fond of trying curly hairstyles – from spiral, dreadlock, or full-wave rolls like in this photo.

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 2001

jennifer aniston hairstyles 2001

Many were surprised (and also obviously) with Jen’s hairstyle at People’s Choice Awards that year. She trimmed her typical long hair. However, this shoulder-length bob is suitable for her huh?

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 2004

jennifer aniston hairstyles 2004

When the “Friends” series ends, Jen’s career evolves into the movie industry. So also with the development of hair style. In this year, she coloring her hair becomes darker, try side bangs, and start liking the style of beach waves.

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 2009

jennifer aniston hairstyles 2009

Her hair was back in a straight and long style, but there was a differentiation as he attended the 2009 Academy Awards. Simple braids on the front that immediately disappeared into the center of the hair. So trend again? Of course.

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 2011

jennifer aniston hairstyles 2011

Again, Jen trimmed her hair short. However, unlike in 2001, this time her hair is longer. Chris McMillan said then, this style is called a hairline bob that falls with the jaw. Could this be the beginning of the lob (long bob) style?

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 2013

jennifer aniston hairstyles 2013

Who says Jen can not have fun with her straight hair style. In premiere of the movie “We’re The Millers” in Berlin, Germany. Jen tried the side-swept style. You can try it also by pegging the top of the hair as usual and comb into the opposite section to get the volume

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 2014

jennifer aniston hairstyles 2014

Darker and follow the lob trend (which she tried in 2011). With this color, Jen looks younger. You who want to try this color, can choose golden brown or mahogany brown color for light skin, walnut or toffee for tanned, ashy bronze or espresso for dark skin.

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 2015

jennifer aniston hairstyles 2015

Back again to her trademark style! Jen this time to style her hair with a blowout technique that had happening last few years. In addition to looking more natural, this style spelled out to produce a bouncy impression on the hair. More Hair Styles of Jennifer

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 2018

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles 2018

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