Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Many women fancy long hair because it’s very easy to style, this type of hair has many styling option so you will not run of out of hairstyles. If long hair is well styled, it can get you a lot of attention than medium or short length hairstyles. In this post, I have featured some of the latest hairstyles for long hair, most of them can be styled from home, so you might not spend too much money on them, yet you will look fabulous.

Latest hairstyles for long hair

latest hairstyles for long hair

Latest hairstyles for long hair: This is a simple, long, smooth layered hairstyle with a deeply parted, side swept bang that makes this lady to look flirty and perfect for any occasion. The style features short layers at the top which are flipped outwards at the ends while inner hair contains longer layers that drop past the shoulders with wispy hair-ends. This trendy hairstyle looks wild but flattering and this means that it will look great on almost every lady out there.

How to style

  • Blow hair out with a dryer and large round brush but this should be done after tossing a little smoothing serum or creme with your moist hair.
  • Randomly straighten your hair with a flat iron while flipping the fringe and hair-ends outwards at different levels.
  • Apply a light mist of soft finishing hairspray in order to keep hair looking polished with some hold for the whole day.

Recommended product

Smooth finish hair serum: this helps to protect hair against humidity and frizz while offering a more sleek and shiny look.

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