Latest Long Hairstyles With Bangs

Not every woman has natural bangs, most of them use clip-in bangs, they attach them to their hair and it will look exactly like human hair. Bangs have become a popular feature on most hairstyles today and this is because bangs can look great on hairstyle be it a wavy, curly or straight hairstyle long and short hairstyles.

The sexiest bangs are the ones that look bold and blunt at the edges but also long, side-swept and short bangs are great. Bangs look great on any hairstyle and face shape though you may have to know a particular bang style that will look great on your face. In conclusion, bangs have become popular today and even some women call them “a fringe”.


Long hairstyles with bang

Long hairstyles with bang

Kim is a well-known female celebrity who always wants to look good and trendy. She has a long hairstyle with sleek side swept bangs that flatter her long face shape perfectly making her look sexy and mysterious. The bang is visible at the top but as it flows down, it blends in with the rest of her hair but you can see that it has flipped out ends and these help to add style to her beautiful look.

How to style

  • Apply a comb styling cream into your moist hair after cleaning and drying it with a towel.
  • Begin styling your bang before working on the rest of your hair. get a small proportion of your hair and then comb it gently while directing it forward.
  • Put the nozzle attachment onto your blow dryer and start styling the rest of your hair while directing it straight down form the roots.
  • To achieve a flipped in look at the ends, you will need to use a curling iron and this will also help to bend the ends of your fringe outwards.
  • Tease the styled hair a bit and then spray allover it with aa quality firm holding or workable hairspray.

Recommended product

A quality finishing spray: this should have hair freezing and shining properties if you wish achieve great hold and amazing hair shine.

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