5 Latest Stunning Short Hairstyles For Women

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Short hairstyles tend to make ladies look more attractive and younger. Short haircuts show-off most feminine features which are usually covered by longer hairstyles and this greatly enhances the beauty of any lady out there.

Short hair can also support any style where you can haves curls, waves or even spikes within your short hairstyle and this why many women today are opting for these short hairstyles. Here are some of the 5 stunning short hairstyles for women that may inspire you to go for a short haircut.


Latest Short Hairstyles for Women

Latest Short Haircuts for Women

The sexy and pretty lady featured in the photo above displays a heavily layered short haircut feathered pieces that fall gently on themselves at the crown hence creating a lot of texture. The haircut has a feathered front fringe which is gently swept to the side and this helps to add some class or style while framing out her round shaped face. The style is just short-enough whereby it leaves most facial features visible.

How to style

  • When your hair is feels a bit damp after drying it with a quality fiber towel, apply a styling and texturizing hair-product but in small porti
  • Fingercomb through your short hairstyle as you blow-dry while pushing most of your hair to one side.
  • Style the front fringe using a small paddle brush while pushing it to the sides and away front the face in order to create a face framing effect.
  • Detail your short hairstyle with a flat-iron then shake it slightly to create sassy look. It’s would even be better to apply a hair texturizing and hold spray as you conclude styling your hair.

Recommended product

A hairspray wax: this provides texture to your hair while  adding extra hold and shine.

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