Cute And Easy Long Hairstyles For Oval Faces

Long hairstyles should put into consideration in case you have a long hairstyle and there even several ways you can use to style your long hair. A long hairstyles for oval faces may contain some layers because they kind of add volume to hair. Choosing the right hairstyle will make you look great but if you end up going for a wrong hairstyle, then the face may end up looking fat and bloated.

In case you desire to add volume on your hair, then it’s advisable to try out a curly or wavy hairstyles because these styles make hair to look bouncy and voluminous while straight hairstyles do not add volume to thin hair textures but makes hair to look fine and plain.

In this article, i have featured a few beautiful long hairstyles that will match your oval face shape and you will see that all the styles below frame out your oval face shape well while emphasizing the cheeks, eyes and lips.

Long hairstyles for oval faces

long hairstyles for oval faces

Long hairstyles for oval faces. This is a layered long hairstyle which falls freely below the shoulders and you can clearly see that her hair is tousled slightly hence creating a nice looking sassy texture. The style has a few strategically created layers which are short at the front and become longer at the back and these really enhance a stunning volume and swing to the hairstyle. The hair ends are heavily textured and flipped under creating an amazing effect.

How to style

  • Put a thermal styling cream or spray to your hair and then blow dry it while passing hands through until most of the moisture is removed.
  • Smoothen hair out using a paddle brush with a blow dryer and ensure that you do blowing in the direction hair naturally grows or falls so that you achieve best results.
  • Use a thermal protectant like a serum or spray and then pick a flat iron in order to make your hair sleek and smooth.

Recommended product

A good styling hair lotion: this plays a great role when it comes to adding volume to hair and it even makes hair very soft and this implies that it will be very easy to style.

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Long Bob hairstyles for oval faces

long bob hairstyles for oval faces

Long hairstyles for oval faces. The long hairstyle in the image above is a well styled long bob hairstyle that looks smooth and sleek while falling down over this woman’s shoulders. This style is textured with tapered sides that contour perfectly with her oval shaped face making her look very cute and casual. Its layers look quite sleek hence this helps to shape and add movement throughout the hairstyle.

How to style

  • Wash hair and after apply a thermal styling cream or spray and after blow dry hair carefully until you feel that it fit to be styled.
  • With a paddle brush, smoothen out hair while blow drying it simultaneously but remember to style it in the direction where it naturally falls.
  • Use a light serum or even hair oil and then get a flat iron and begin styling hair until you achieve the sleekness level you want.
  • To keep your long hairstyle looking sleek and frizz free, you will have to apply your favorite workable hairspray.

Recommended product

A regular hold working hairspray: it an essential hair product that will help to keep hair firm and in place after styling it.But hair professional advise you to apply little amounts of this product for good results.

African American Long hairstyles for oval faces

African American Long hairstyles for oval faces


The beautiful African American lady in the picture above African has a long wavy hairstyle that is slightly layered throughout and this gives it nice look coupled with added movement. the style has a simple tucked away side swept fringe that makes the hairstyle to look a bit classic but making this lady really beautiful because it frames out her oval shaped face well. Hair is styled away from the face in order to make her facial features visible as most women like it to be.

How to style

  • Use a volumizing mousse immediately after drying your hair. This is because it works well on hair that is still moist and fresh.
  • Blow dry hair in the direction that it naturally grows. Get some hair at the front and then brush it outwards while blow drying in order to create a simple side swept bang.
  • When most of the moisture is out your hair, bend it using a large curling iron or hot rollers inorder to form the simple sassy waves throughout the lower sections of your hairstyle.
  • Finish by misting your hair lightly with a good hairspray because this really helps to add some shiny look to your hairstyle.

Recommended product

A volumizing hair spray: African ladies naturally have thin hair textures and this is the reason as to why they should buy a hair product that adds volume to their fine hair like this hairspray.

Long Wavy hairstyles for oval faces

long wavy hairstyles for oval faces

This is a very long and romantic hairstyle with soft layers and waves as it drops below this cute lady’s head. The hair has been styled in such a way that it bends or waves slightly away from her oval shaped face hence creating a cascading effect that makes the hairstyle to look fun and beautiful to any who looks at it. This technique of styling long hair helps to accentuate the cheekbones and other front facial features like the lips and this makes it perfect on women with oval or long faces.

How to style

  • Simply wash hair with a good volumizing shampoo and then pat it dry with a towel that has a good material like silk.
  • Put some thermal spray into hair and start smoothening and bending it with a large round brush plus a blow dryer.
  • Create the soft waves through the entire hairstyle using a large barreled curling iron. However, some women will use hot rollers because they also bring out the waves perfectly well.
  • Finger comb your hairstyle a little inorder to get rid of any tangles and to soften the waves hence this will give your hair sassy simple look. Complete by applying a good workable hairspray.

Recommended product

Large sized curling iron: to create nice looking and uniform waves in your long hair, you will need to use a larger curling iron.

Long hairstyles for oval faces with bang

long hairstyles for oval faces with bangs

This hairstyle looks good but complicated whereby it somehow smooth and sleek on the upper sections and it becomes wavy in the lower sections. The front fringe on the hairstyle is geometrically cut hence it helps to compliment her oval face shape making her to look very stylish.

The mixed colors in this hairstyle really make the lady to shine whereby the crown area has a dark hair color and as hair flows below the head it becomes lighter because it has some blonde highlights.

How to Style Hair for Oval Face Shape


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