5 Stunning Long Hairstyles For Round Faces 2018

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Long hairstyles for round faces make women to look sweet and youthful but the right hairstyle will also help to add some sophistication to it. Many ladies with round faces always prefer to camouflage the roundness, rather than highlighting it.

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The only secret to achieving a great hairstyle for your round face is to create an illusion of length instead of roundness and this is only possible by opting for a long hairstyle because it will help to elongate the facial features in order to balance your look.

Long hairstyles for round faces. However, you should keep in mind that face shape is not the only factor to consider when opting for a new long hairstyle. You should also put into consideration the hair texture and personality which are very important factors. Here are some of the long hairstyles for round faces that will help you decide which style work best for you.

Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

long hairstyles for round faces

The lady has a long layered hairstyles with simple sexy side swept bang hairstyles on one side whereby the center parting helps to distribute her hair proportionally on both sides. The ends of the hair are thin in texture with a messy feathered look which makes this hairstyle perfect someone who is going for a holiday because it looks very causal. The layers that flow with this hairstyle help to frame her round face while showing most of her facial features hence making her to look very cute.

How to style:

  • Apply heat protection spray to hair after washing and drying it thoroughly with a dry silk towel.
  • Make the hair smooth using a large round toothed comb while using a blower with each stroke taken. Use this same process to create some curves with the hairstyle.
  • Finger comb your hair in order to remove any locks or tangles that might be remaining. Do this carefully so that you will not have dismantled what you have already styled.
  • Apply a good workable hairspray to your style hair because this will help to keep some moisture within your hair and even bring out that shiny effect.

Recommended product:

Heat protection spray:  it’s a very important hair styling product that helps to protect hair form heat that is usually emitted by the heat styling tools like curlers and flat irons.

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