Making Long Wavy Hairstyles – Features Pictures & Tips

Long wavy haircuts. Having long hair is a blessing because you can easily style it and change your looks. It is not limited to styles like short hair. For example, you can put some waves in that long hair, the size of waves will differ from lady to lady, because those with thick hair will get heavy waves and yet those with thin hair will get fine (light) waves.

To put that aside, getting a long wavy hairstyles does not guarantee that you will always have wavy hair, you need to take care of those waves, repair them now and then. In this post, you will learn how to make waves in long hair, but I have also featured some photos to inspire you get a long wavy haircuts.


making long wavy hairstyles

(1) Use a Scrunch Method: – This method does not involve use of heated tools, but you will scrunch your hair using a diffuser attachment of a blow-dryer or you can alternatively use your fingers to do the scrunching. Now, let’s get down to the basics:

  • Wash or Damp your hair: – Before doing anything, you have to first damp your hair, this will make it easy to make waves. Since this scrunching method will involve squeezing your hair, if it’s done when the hair is dry, it will break. So to avoid this mess, you need to wet your hair, if possible use a shampoo / conditioner to make sure that it’s clean. Dry your hair so that it remains moist but not wet, you use a towel or a low temperature blower.
  • Use a styling product:- To get thick waves, you need to use a styling cream / gel. Put moderate amounts of that product in your hands massage it through your hair. Make sure that each and every strand is covered with this styling product.
  • Scrunch your hair using your fingers:- To do this perfectly, you need to bend over so that your hair falls down, this will give you full control of your hair in all angles. Start scrunching from behind as you go to the front.
  • Use a blower to aid on the scrunching: – Long wavy haircuts. After scrunching with your fingers, you might need to use a blower to scrunch more and more until you get the waves you want. Set the blower to a cool temperature, in this case, no heat will be released by the blower. The cool hair from the blower will help the scrunched hair settle and develop into waves.
  • Apply hairspray: – Now you get out of the bend over position, waves have formed, but that is not all. Give them a smooth shinny texture by spraying them with a light hairspray.


  • Hair Spray (this will give your waves a smooth texture, if you use a hold spray, it will hold those waves in one position all day long.
  • Blow dryer ( can be used to dry wet hair, yet at the time its head can be used to scrunch through your hair to make more waves)
  • Organic Shampoo / Conditioner:- You need to use a natural hair product to clean and condition your hair. Wavy hair requires lots of nutrients; you can easily get them by using organic or natural hair products.


Thick Long wavy Hairstyle

(2) Braids Method: – Long wavy haircuts. If you don’t fancy the crunch method of making waves, then try out this braids method. It is advantage is that you will have a braid hairstyles yet at the same time stay on the mission to create waves in that long hair. Follow steps below to get this method effective.

  • Do the basic: – Before making braids in your hair, the first thing you need to do is to wash it. This will ensure that your hair stays clean while its in the braid hairstyle format, but it will make your hair soft, hence making it easy to braid.
  • Let your hair dry: – Long wavy haircuts. After damping it, let it dry by its own, or use a thick towel to remove excess water from the hair. Please, don’t that thick towel with your hair; it will break weak hair strands. Simply wrap the towel over the head, let it absorb the water from your hair gradually. This process might take a while, so do other things as you wait for your hair to dry.
  • Apply a Styling gel / cream: – I suggested this step in our scrunch method. Styling gel makes it easy to create waves in long hair; it also gives you a thick volume of hair, which return will reward you with big waves.
  • Separate your hair into 3 sections: – This will make it easy for you to braid long hair. Start by parting hair in the center, pin it up and remain with the one on the sides and at the back, after pinning hair in the center at the top, go ahead and section the rest of the hair. You can use saloon hair clips to each section.
  • Make French Braids: – Since you have to do these braids by yourself, I suggest you to do French braids, they’re very easy to make. Grab one big section of hair and braid it to the bottom, secure the braid with an elastic band. Move to another section until you have like 3 – 4 French braids in your hair.
  • Release the braids after one day:- Hope 1 day is not too long for you, but you have to be patient with this natural method of creating waves in long hair, if you rash, you get fake or no waves at all. After releasing all braids, you will see waves all over your head. They will look messy, but tousle them with your fingers.
  • Spray your hair: – Now you can use a light hairspray to moist your newly wavy long hair. While spraying, run your fingers through the hair so that each and every section gets moist by the hair spray.


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