5 Best Long Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

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Today, simple wedding hairstyles are becoming the trend whereby many brides prefer not to even have any decoration and accessories in their hairstyles. However, some new long wedding hairstyles may require a woman use some accessories in their hair like flowers, veils or even feathers and many other accessories. You will also notice that not all classic hairstyles are out dated because they still look perfect for weddings up to date.

These days’ ladies prefer styling their natural hair without excessive use of styling hair products because this tends to give off a hairstyle that makes them look innocent and young. You may also use a veil, so that your hair can look light and neat during wedding ceremony.

Long Wedding Hairstyles

long wedding hairstyles

The wedding hairstyle you see above really looks great with some soft waves and also the hair has been pinned up halfway using a nice glittering metal flower that adds that sweet look the bride. her hair has been side swept away from the face in order to makes most facial features visible and you can also see that the upper section of her hair has more volume whereby hair becomes finer as it goes below her head. The lower sections of have braided creating a nice looking long tailed hairstyle that is perfect for any wedding.

How to style

  • Brush out your natural long hair carefully with a bristle rounded brush but this should be done after cleaning it with warm water and moisturizing shampoo.
  • Get a large curling iron and start styling the upper section in order to create the soft flowing waves. Pass the hands through hair to add some volume at the crown and to form that sassy look.
  • Collect some hair from your back and lower section and then twist it gently in order to create the nice looking braids. The braid should be bigger at the upper sections and become smaller as it approaches the hair tips or lower sections.
  • A well scented hairspray is necessary because it will help to make hair look shiny coupled with a nice smell.

Recommended product

Shine hairspray or mist: to add some amazing shine to your hair and make it look polished, you will have to apply your favorite shine spray to it but just a small amount of it.

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