Medium Haircuts Every Woman Should Check Out

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When looking for a medium haircut that will look great on your face shape and hair texture, you should try to go for a hairstyle that has enough layering because layers tend to accentuate jaw bone structure. Some of these mid-length hairstyles may feature bangs with some sort of layering and this makes them to look fun and versatile. In this article I have featured some of the best medium haircuts that will make you look new and fresh hence it would be a great thing for you to check out these styles below.

Blonde Medium Haircuts

Blonde Medium Haircuts

The lady you see above has a basic layered shoulder length haircut with a deep side part that contains a long side swept fringe that hangs below the head. The feathery hair texture combined the wispy ends helps to bring out that wild look yet making this lady to look very pretty and simple for any occasion. This style will work perfectly on women with square and round shaped face because it contains layers that help to elongate the facial features.


How to style

  • Apply a hair styling and texturizing lotion to your moist hair after leaving the showers. However, it’s advisable to apply just a little amount of the product so that you may not weigh down your hair.
  • Smooth out your hair with a blow dryer while gently combing it downwards with large toothed round brush.
  • To make hair more sleek and defined, use a flat iron set on a low heat level and straighten each section gently until all your hair becomes smooth.
  • Fingercomb through you’re smoothed out hair inorder to accentuate the rough texture with your hairstyle.

Recommended product

Texturizing hair crème: this will condition and also add some light lift to your fine-textured straight hairstyle.

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