Medium Length Bob Hairstyles and How to Style

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The single and most sought haircut by ladies is undoubtedly the bob hairstyles whereby its roots are traced all the way back to Cleopatra who was once an Egyptian legendary queen who wore a blunt-edged bob with a short fringe and since then this hairstyle has been associated with ruling-class or elite women. However, as time moves on, the bob hairstyle has been greatly modified whereby you can even turn your long, short, curly or wavy hair into a bob haircut.

Medium length bob hairstyles even offer a universal flattering shape with fabulous fashion and quality compared to other forms of styling hair. These hairstyles really look great on most ladies because they bring out the actual design or style of the bob hairstyle hence this is why i have listed some of the best bob mid-length bob style every woman should try out if they want to look beautiful and trendy.

Medium Length Bob Hairstyles

Medium Length Bob Hairstyles

This lady features a long and full-bodied bob hairstyle that gently over her shoulders making her to look very elegant but also simple. the short and long layers that look soft and disconnected make this just perfect for any occasion and if you take close look at this hairstyle.

You will notice that it has a tousled and pieced texture which helps to soften this bob haircut more. In my own conclusion, i think i will recommend this style to ladies with square or round faces because it somehow adds some height to such face shapes.


How to style

  • Apply a gentle hair-styling product to wet hair a few seconds after cleaning it with your favorite conditioning-shampoo.
  • Create a deep side-part and then begin to dry out your hair with a blow-dryer that has a diffuser attachment inorder to reduce on the heat that reaches your hair during the drying process.
  • Grab a large round-brush and start to comb hair as your blow-dry because this plays a big role when it comes to making your hair really straight.
  • Use a large barrel iron to create waves within the hair that falls below the nape area and then try as much as you can to flip the hair-ends under in order to achieve a complete bob look.

Recommended product

Large curling-iron: it makes creation of waves very simple with your shoulder length bob hairstyle but it’s better to use it after applying a heat protectant to your hair.

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