Medium Length Hairstyles For Round Faces

When choosing a medium-length style for your round face shape, you will possibly prefer to go with one that thins out the roundness of your face while accentuating the lips, eyes and cheekbones. Here are five beautiful medium length haircuts and styles for round faces that are flattering, versatile and fun yet they can even be worn almost any hair texture.


Medium-Length Hairstyles for Round Faces

medium length hairstyles for round faces

This is a dramatic medium length hairstyle created by a deep side part with some soft and bouncy waves at lower section. In terms of length, her hair is a bit longer whereby hair falls just over the shoulders gently and this greatly helps to elongate her round face. The medium-length also helps to create more volume around the nape area and below and this will balance her narrow chin. However, you should try to add some layers within the style inorder to achieve a soft and swooping effect.

How to style

  • Create a deep side parting after cleaning and drying your hair. Leave all hair to fall right down over your shoulders while brushing through with a paddle brush.
  • Use larger curling-iron to curl medium and lower sections of your hair while leaving them to drop freely over the shoulders.
  • Use fingers or a brush to loosen-up the curls to make them appear more natural and wavy.
  • Spray everything with a light medium-hold or finishing spray inorder to add some glossy shine to your hairstyle.

Recommended product

Hair-shampoo: get a shampoo that contains natural ingredients because it will work very well when it comes to cleaning your natural hair.

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