Medium Length Wavy Hairstyles For 2018

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Most women naturally have medium length hair that is also referred to as shoulder length hair but women with long hair can also have this kind of hairstyle by just trimming it the shoulder length level. Medium length hair can really look great if its styled with some waves. However medium length hair facilitates many different styles. Medium length hair will really look awesome with some textured, beach waves.

Elegant vintage waves will also make your medium length hair look nice and classy and may not require you to use any heat styling tool. There is a wide range of techniques that can be used to achieve waves but you will end up having a medium length wavy hairstyles with any technique used.

However, the key to achieving a perfect shoulder length hairstyle simply lies in the hair length whereby hair should not be too long or too short but it should look great when it hits at the collarbone or just a bit above. As the year 2018 knocks on the door, be ready to impress every person you meet.


Medium Length Wavy Hairstyles

medium length wavy hairstyles

The lady you see in the image above has a medium length haircut that falls just above her shoulder with some side swept bangs that diffuse into wavy hairstyle as hair falls below her head. Her hair is well textured with a messy look and in fact this style is really easy to create and will not take much of your time.

How to style:

  • You will need to wash hair very well and then towel dry it in order to remove any moisture from it. You may apply some styling products like curling creams and hair conditioners.
  • Acquire a wide toothed comb and use it to detangle your hair and then scrunch it in order to promote the creation of nice waves.
  • Fix a diffuser attachment onto your hairdryer and then cradle the waves but make sure you do this on a medium heat setting. Also try to tip the head upside down in order to create some volume.

Spray over your hair with a high quality hairspray because this makes hair to look shiny and also manageable.

Recommended product:

Hair shampoo: this is necessary because it helps to clean your hair and in fact some shampoos help to condition hair hence making it very soft and perfect for styling

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