Medium Length Wavy Hairstyles For 2018

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Medium Length Wavy Hairstyles with bang

medium length wavy hairstyles with bangs

Women with oval shaped faces will look great with type of hairstyle because it has a side swept bang that adds more style and beauty while the hair itself has a lot of volume and it drops just over the shoulders making the lady featured above to look very classy and simple.

How to style:

  • Clean hair with warm water and then dry it by using a round brush or a hair blower in case you are in a hurry. But it’s advised to not to over dry your hair, instead leave it a bit moist for good results.
  • Using a large sized curling iron, start creating the large waves in your thick hair but do this on the lower sections only leaving the crown area smooth.
  • Try to alternate the wave’s direction in order to create that casual look and to frame the face by curling your hair away for the face.
  • Add some texture and vibrant look to your hair by simply using a quality hairspray but it’s always advisable to use less of this product so that you keep hair feeling light.

Recommended product:

a hair blower: try to buy a good hair blower because it will dry hair very well without causing any damage to it. In fact you should always use this tool at the lowest heat setting because much heat will dry up hair and make it feel brittle.

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