Best Hairstyles for Men with Round Faces

Mens Hairstyle for Round Face Shape

Mens hairstyle for round face shape. A round face is not always identical with a chubby cheeks and fat body. This facial type can be characterized by the same length and width of the face. Usually men with this type of face has a jaw shape that is not too obvious. If you’re looking for a hairstyles for men with round faces that fits to make you look cool, check out our inspirational recommendations below!


Variations of men hairstyle for round face

1. Side part hairstyles

Mens hairstyle for round face shape. Men hairstyle for the first round face is a comb-over style . This style is also known as side part hair style. Suitable for round face, because its shape is more prominent on one side.

side part hairstyles

This hairstyle is timeless and usually synonymous with men who begin to experience baldness. Side hair style can be used as a solution to cover the hair that began to fall out.

This hairstyle does not require a lot of hair products to arrange, if cut in the proper way. Ask your hairstylist to give a little texture on the top to make hair look thick.


2. Crew cut hair

Crew cut hair

Mens hairstyle for round face shape. Buzz cut hair style is  suitable for you who are not cold bothered by high maintenance hairstyle  and complicated. Obviously this is a men hairstyle for our favorite round face!

For those who have curly hair,  low spike hairstyles becomes a men hairstyle to round face our recommendations.

low spike hairstyles

3. Short hairstyle

men short hairstyles

This is a hairless model that is effortless and does not take long in arranging. One variation of men hairstyles for round face that you can choose is short hair.

Another way to have a proper short hairstyle is to provide undercut on the side and bottom of the head, but leave the top long. Give a few bangs to balance your face.

men undercut hairstyles

Given the short hairstyle usually expose the scalp, make sure your head is free of dandruff. Our mainstay shampoo to overcome the problem of dandruff is  CLEAR Men Ice Cool Menthol. This shampoo can nourish the scalp and make your skin free from sultry because of menthol content that can make you feel fresh.

4. Medium hairstyles

medium hairstyles for men

The key to giving the illusion of a longer face lies at the top of the hair. If you like hair styling and experimenting, you can give the volume by blow drying.

Give a little layer on the tip of the hair so as not too heavy and more neat when arranged. When it’s hot you can try to tie your hair in a man bun styleOne of the natural countouring tricks is to maintain facial hair.

man bun

5. Pompadour hairstyles

Pompadour hairstyles

Interested in trying the classic rock n roll hairstyle ? Pompadour is the answer! Use  hairspray  for more durable hairdo.

After seeing the 9 inspiration hairstyles for men with round faces, do you become interested in trying it?




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