Here are 8 Mens Hairstyles that Exist in 2018

New Mens Hairstyle 2018

New mens hairstyle 2018. Hair styles that exist to be the most favorite among men and women. Many of them emulate these hairstyles and understand about stylish and contemporary fashion. Sometimes hairstyles are created from some countries that have an innovation about hairstyles.


In globalization era as now many of the latest trends and old trends are increasingly abandoned, but there are still some trends that have experienced the modernization of some of these unique things. Cutting style remains a trend hairstyle that continues unmoved and exist until now. For that refer to hairstyle that exist in the year 2018 below.



New mens hairstyle 2018. Pompadour with a thin model on the side and looks thick on top with a unique resembling crest. At the edge is usually given a skin. This hair model is applied using a hair pomade gel to put the hair better and not messy. This hair style is very dominant for men. They use this type of hair to attract the attention of women.

2. Slick Back

Slick back

New mens hairstyle 2018. Slick back hair or climmy models are highly recommended in formal events such as parties or celebrations. This hair model is mostly combined with undercut so impressed to be a model slick back undercut if the side of the hair with a thin model. The combination of this hairstyle is pompadour style and squiff style. This style of hair is very commonplace found in society.

3. Buzz cut

buzz cut

Crew cut hair model combined with other models. At the top of this hair looks a bit thick so impressed hair style is not boring. This hairstyle has a modernization of the previous short cut style and is usually a model like this is widely used for certain activities or in the military. This model certainly does not require more hair care so more efficient in maintaining the appearance.

4. Fringe


New mens hairstyle 2018. Fringe is more visible as a combination of hair that added bangs that look like a Korean Style. This model is of interest to teenagers who want to look cool. The use of hair gel certainly does not affect much because the hair arrangement seen from how to use a good comb and true for appearance.

5. Man bun

man bun

This hairstyle is famous for its European style in which many adults use this model to look masculine with looks. This hair model is tied up to the back. To style the hair is necessary long hair and can be combined with models such as pompadour or under cut.

6. Under cut


Undercut model as a favorite choice of men, many use this model to attract the attention of women and can provide a cool and elegant appearance. This model looks no resemblance to pompadour but different because on the side pompadour degradation or visible part of the hair is getting up the thicker while the undercut looks no degradation.

7. Squiff


This hairstyle at a glance similar to pompadour but for the top of the hair looks different. In the pompadour model crest was slicked backwards while the squiff was combed forward with the other touch. For squiff hair arrangement takes a long time to get a perfect appearance.

8. Top knot

top knot

This last hair model is similar to man bun. For the difference seen the way hair binding each model. The man bun model is tied up behind, while the top knot model is tied up. Then on the top knots model, side hair is shaved cracked and also there are using a long hairstyle. See Also More Hair Styles

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