Cute Pin Up Hairstyles And How To Do Them

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Pin Up Hairstyles. Nobody should ever lie to you that there is any new hairstyle out there; all of them have existed before. What we’re experiencing now is a recycling of trends. If you love vintage hairstyles, this post is for you, it’s time you create a timeless pin up hairstyle and stand out from the crowd.

In this post, I will teach you how to do a pin up hairstyle and at the same time I have featured different types of pin up hairstyles from which you can choose from, or you can borrow some ideas and feature a style created by you.

Pin Up Updo Hairstyles for Long Hair

pin up updo hairstyles for long hair

VINTAGE VICTORY ROLLS: Hit the streets with this vintage victory rolls pin up hairstyle, I love the red color, but of it does not look good on you, you can opt for a better color dye. This type of hairstyle takes you back to the 80’s, trust me, you will look different from the crowd, so if you’re the kind of lady who always likes exclusive hairstyles, then this vintage hairstyle will do the magic for you.


  • Choose the right hair color dye: – The lady featured in the picture above has dark red hair color, it looks pretty on her because she has a bright skin color tone, if you have the same skin color then you can try dark red dye. While applying hair dye, you have to follow instructions, this will ensure that you get things right, if you fail to under the instructions, then invest some money and go the saloon, because there is nothing stressing like getting a wrong hair dye, impacts can’t be reversed immediately.
  • Section your hair: – I will skip the shampooing & conditioning process, but this is supposed to be the first thing you should do, but I know it’s a basic that is why I skipped the point. Make different sections in your hair by clipping it at the top, this will allow you to make those big curls and rolls.
  • Spray your hair with a heat protectant: – Actually to get better results, you have to apply a heat protectant before pinning your hair at the top; this will ensure that each and every section of your hair covered. The main purpose of using a head protectant is to create a shield against heat produced by a curling iron and hot rollers which you have to use to make big victory rolls.
  • Start Curling your hair:- You have to use both a curling iron and hot rollers to get this hairstyle. A curling iron will be used to make big curls and hot rollers will be used to make victory rolls at the top of the head. Release one section at a time, but use a curling iron which features a big barrel, this will grab more hair hence give you big curls. The other alternative is to use big hot rollers; you will roll one section of hair at a time until your head is covered. If you use hot rollers, allow them to sit on your hair for at least 30 minutes and then remove one roller at time. Be very gentle when removing hot rollers from your hair, because if you use force, you might end up damaging your hair.
  • After getting the curls you desire, you will notice that they look disorganized, make them neat by running your fingers through.
  • Now work on the circular rolls at the top, this might be a bit trick, but be creative you will find your way out.
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