5 Latest Stunning Pixie Haircuts For Black Women

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Modern or edgy African American ladies are going in for the latest pixie haircuts for black women and this mainly because these styles always make them feel confident and to stand-out from the crowd. Like any stylish hairstyle, short edgy, pixie haircuts also bring your whole look together making you look perfect and gorgeous for any occasion.

In fact, these days pixie haircuts have really become popular and a trend amongst black ladies and if you have been searching for the latest pixie style, then I have featured for you some of the short haircuts that can work for you whether what you are looking for is straight, messy, rough, and even wavy.

Additionally, some of the pixie haircuts for black women featured below look simple or chic and textured or funky but its upon you to select a haircut that will make you feel proud and out-standing on any event or when at your work place.

Latest Pixie Haircuts for Black Women:

pixie haircuts for black women

The pixie haircut featured above is one of the most popular and trendiest styles today and this is the reason as to why it’s carried by some black women celebrities. Additionally, this pixie haircuts for black women is just short enough, it looks trendy and simple in its own way hence it can work perfectly for ladies who want to look casual but elegant.

Likewise, the black lady you see above looks just perfect with this cute pixie haircuts for black women coupled with long eye-grazing, wispy bangs that add extra beauty. This haircut also has extra fullness at the crown section while the sides and back areas are sleek and smooth.

In fact, all her hair sits perfectly onto the sides and back creating a round-like layered, mushroom haircut which is slightly loosened-up at the front section with a lot of texture throughout.

The fringe on this haircut is a little longer whereby it falls just below the eyebrows giving this lady a stylish and sexy look. All in all, this pixie style features a playful and tomboyish look and this is why it will make you look unique and stunning wherever you go.

How to style:

  • After washing and towel-drying your hair, apply some blow-drying crème to it beginning from the roots to the tips.
  • Gently blow-dry your hair in a straight motion while combing through with a small paddle-brush and ensure that you do this throughout for best results.
  • Pick a small flat-iron and then carefully straighten-out hair while working in smaller portions but try to slightly bend the hair-tips under in order to perfectly bring-out your style.
  • Complete by styling your full-front fringe as desired but remember to gently flip the ends of this fringe inwards and then seal-in your style with a finishing crème throughout.

Recommended product:

A hair moisturizing-conditioner: a hair-conditioner is basically of use when it comes to softening and treating your natural hair before and after styling it.  Additionally, try to buy a moisturized-conditioner because it will help to keep moisture within your haircut for some good period of time.

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