8 Stunning Pompadour Fade Hairstyles Inspiration

Want to try pompadour fade, but confused which one is appropriate? We have prepared the inspiration here, for you to take it to barbershop! The fade hairstyle is the simplest hairstyle, but still stylish to be varied with a variety of hairstyles.

The classical technique has gained popularity since 1950s. Characteristic of this hairstyle is a visible scalp, because the goal is to make the hair gradation is very soft and meld. Usually this hairstyle is very short at the bottom of the head (above the neck) and the longer the hair gradually longer. There are several types of fade hairstyles that you should know.


The first fade hairstyle is a taper or a classic fade. This hair style is very easy and requires less maintenance. In addition, there are several other style variations such as high fade, mid fade, low fade, to pompadour fade.

We are sure, you who are reading this article was one of the fans of hair style that has been popular since the 1950s. Combining pompadour with fade style is one of the tricks to get a modern hairstyle.

The key to the cool pompadour style is the volume of hair. If your hair is thin, you can wear styling products like mousse, round comb, and hair dryer. You can try  TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Control Mousse for daily hair arrangement. Because your hair will wear  pomade,  you need a lightweight product that will not make your hair heavy. This mousse  can help maintain hair shape without making it sticky.

editor tips: apply a mousse of hair to a half-wet hair. Dry hair using a hair dryer while rolled from inside using a round comb. After getting the volume you want, add the pomade and comb your hair using a fine tooth comb.

After knowing a little about pompadour fade and how to arrange it, now is the time you see this hair style inspiration.

pompadour fade for you modern and stylish

1. Disconnected undercut with pompadour fade

disconnected undercut with pompadour fade

Remember, professional soccer player is always showing up with his hair style? The broken line on the scalp is named with the disconnected style This hairstyle is suitable for you who like to look neat.

editor tips: This hairstyle can expose the skin of your head. So do not let dandruff distraction drop your confidence!

2. Shaved pompadour

Shaved pompadour

This style is similar to the hairstyle on the previous points. However, the hair will be more diluted so that the scalp is visible. Gradation is very smooth and does not need to straighten hair to barber as often as possible.

3. Pompadour fade for curly hair

Shaved pompadour for curls

If your hair is curly, this style suits you! We understand that curly hair is sometimes difficult to organize. With this hairstyle. the hair on the bottom and sides will not be your problem when setting the hair. You just focus on the top of your hair.

4. Slick back pompadour fade

Slick back pompadour fade

This hairstyle is very stylish and modern. This hairstyle is suitable for you who have oval-faced and narrow darts. Remember, your ultimate weapon for this hairstyle is pomade and comb.

5. Pompadour fade with texture

Pompadour fade with texture

If your hair is not too long for slick back style , you can try this hairstyle. Give a little texture to the hair to make your hair more manageable.

6. Pompadour fade short

Pompadour fade short

One of the benefits of this hairstyle is a form of hair that is neat and always klimis. You can use it to relax and hang out with friends, or for formal events.

7. Pompadour for straight hair

Pompadour for straight hair

The trick to get a cool pompadour for straight hair is to stretch your hair for as long as possible. Straight hair is often easy to fall and ‘stubborn’ when arranged. If your hair is long, hair will be more neat and durable. Pair with a fade style for a stylish look.

8. Pompadour fade with beard

Pompadour fade with beard

If you have a beard, then you should try this hairstyle. Hair styles fade can make your beard as disconnected on the side of the face. This eye illusion makes your look even cooler.

That’s the recommendation of pompadour fade style that you can try. Hope can inspire you to find the perfect hairstyle.


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