5 All Up Prom Hairstyles To Make You Look Unique

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Prom Hairstyles Updos

Prom hairstyles updos. Prom can be one of the most memorable moments of your life and that’s why many ladies try to make the most of it with a creative prom up-do hairstyle. On the other hand, if you have long hair then there are so many fabulous prom up-do styles for you to choose from and this can really be overwhelming. Infact, you should try to find a style that is suitable not only to your dress but also to your personality or theme and even facial features.

All in all, i think one should go for a up prom hairstyles that enhances your natural beauty and even expresses your awesome personality. Here’s a list of some of the great up-dos that range from simple to classy and funky to cool and I’m sure they will get you prom-inspired.

All up prom hairstyles

All up prom hairstyles

This lady features what we call prom elegance whereby it will make any woman to look stunning that prom night. This is an elegantly textured up-do that contains curls, swirls and subtle layers that work hand in hand to create a glamorous hairstyle.

In fact, her hair is gently twisted up and also secured at the back making this lady to look very beautiful and fabulous. This up-do shows-off her fabulous neckline and facial features thus keeping the lady looking simple but elegant. In conclusion, this soft romantic up-do is works great on all face shapes and also looks perfect on thick, natural hair. Prom hairstyles updos.


How to style:

  • Begin by cleaning your naturally curly or wavy hair with a good conditioning-shampoo then gently dry out hair with your towel.
  • Use the fingers to pull hair back loosely as you blow dry it to as to get rid of any knots and tangs that usually occur during the washing process.
  • Continue pulling hair using your fingers upto the back the head, and then secure it into a simple bun while using bobby pins or hair clippers.
  • Remember not to secure it tightly so that you can keep it looking loose then try to spray over it with a little hairspray for added shine, control and to prevent any fly-away hairs.
  • Finish by shaking the head around in order to point out sections that are loose and need to be pinned. This will even help to give your hair a loose effect throughout so that you look exactly like the lady featured above.

Recommended product:

A curling iron and crimper: this will help to give your hair a curly and crimped look while protecting it from excess heat as you style it. However, this tool will work for ladies that are not naturally gifted with curly or wavy hair.

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