7 Best Short Hairstyles for Women in 2018 – Look Like a Celebrity

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2. Pixie Short Celebrity Hairstyle

Pixie Short Celebrity Hairstyle

Short celebrity hairstyle. You should always choose a hairstyle which flatters your face, don’t just copy whatever looks good on celebrities, because even them, they have a special hairstylist who chooses particular hair trends for them. In the picture above, we have a beautiful celebrity featuring a unique short haircut.

I think her hair is naturally blonde, but you don’t have to bleach yours to blonde, this type of haircut looks nice when you leave your hair to be in its natural state. Many times I see Rihanna with this type of short hairstyles for women. Her hair is chopped on one side and the other side has longer hair. I like the way she side swept the other section, it gives her face an adorable look.

FACESHAPE: Ladies with square face & long face shapes will look pretty with this trend.

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