7 Best Short Hairstyles for Women in 2018 – Look Like a Celebrity

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3. Short Messy Celebrity Hairstyle

Short Messy Celebrity Hairstyle

If you’re looking for a casual hairstyle for this weekend, look no further, I have got you covered on this list. I like short messy haircuts, they don’t need too much attention and they give you the freedom you need. During a weekend or a vacation holiday, the last thing you want to waste your time is your hair, you want to spend more time having fan because life is short.

But at the same time, looking good is a priority especially when you need to meet a new person. So how do you look simple and beautiful? The only answer to this question is a short messy haircut featured above. It requires less attention, yet it looks awesome.

FACE SHAPE:- Ladies with oval face shapes will look nice with this messy bob haircut. If you have a bang, you can make it messy too; this will flatter your looks.

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