7 Best Short Hairstyles for Women in 2018 – Look Like a Celebrity

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4. Short Bob Celebrity Hairstyle

Short Bob Celerity Hairstyle

If you want to look professional, I suggest you opt for this straight bob hairstyle. If you know the CEO of Yahoo (Marisa Mayer), she features this type of hairstyle. Bob hairstyles are so reliving, because they stop just around the shoulder, it is very easy to style them. Unlike other hairstyle which take too much time to style in the morning, this type of hairstyle will take you a few minutes to style.

May be the only long time it will take, is when you’re cutting the edges, they have to be on the same level and trouble comes when you want to cut hair at the back. But once the all shape is defined, the rest work is easy to do. Every morning, damp your hair to make it soft, blow dry it so that it becomes wet free, but make sure it stays moist, and then brush it straight with a fine brush.

Straight bob hairstyles are always associated with split ends. Every time you brush this hair, the brush pulls underlying hair. You can use a pair of sharp scissors to trim off these split ends. After that, use a holding spray to give your bob cut a smooth texture. The hold spray will ensure that your straight bob stays straight all day long.

FACE SHAPE:  This straight bob haircut will look good in ladies with long / square face shapes. If you have a round face, you might consider cutting it short.

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