7 Best Short Hairstyles for Women in 2018 – Look Like a Celebrity

Top celebrities have influenced what everyone does, most of them have millions of followers and most of them are youths and women. By default, women love to look unique, they want to be associated with a popular person, and this explains why you see wigs and hair extensions in the names of top celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Lady Gaga, Rihanna hairstyles, Beyonce hairstyles and so much more.

On this list, I have featured some of the best short hairstyles for women you can try. It is not a must that you will look exactly like any of these celebrities, but at least your looks will improve. Please, choose a hairstyle which matches with your face shape, not each and every style featured here will look good on you.


1. Jennifer Lawrence Short Celebrity Hairstyle 

jennifer lawrence short celebrity Hairstyle

Would you like to look like Jennifer Lawrence featured in the picture above? If your answer is a yes, then keep following. She features a short pixie haircut, this looks awesome on ladies with oval / heart face shapes. It is not a super short pixie haircut, so it can become easier to grow it long if you want to.

If you have short black hair, you can dye it so that it looks exactly like that of Jennifer Lawrence, however, you have choose a color which matched your skin color, if you have a light skin color like Jennifer Lawrence, then go ahead and use a similar hair dye, but if you have a dark skin, you should opt for gold & black dye.

Products You May Need:

  • Garnier Fructis Deconstructed: – This cream will help you craft that pixie in any way you desire.
  • Hair Cutting Scissors: – To maintain this pixie haircut, you have to trim it on a daily basis, most ladies their hair grows so first. But with the aid of these scissors, you will keep that pixie haircut in shape.
  • American Crew Medium Hold Spray: I guess you have noticed that her short pixie features waves, now to keep those waves in position the all day, you will need to use a hold spray

2. Pixie Short Celebrity Hairstyle

Pixie Short Celebrity Hairstyle

You should always choose a hairstyle which flatters your face, don’t just copy whatever looks good on celebrities, because even them, they have a special hairstylist who chooses particular hair trends for them. In the picture above, we have a beautiful celebrity featuring a unique short haircut.

I think her hair is naturally blonde, but you don’t have to bleach yours to blonde, this type of haircut looks nice when you leave your hair to be in its natural state. Many times I see Rihanna with this type of short hairstyles for women. Her hair is chopped on one side and the other side has longer hair. I like the way she side swept the other section, it gives her face an adorable look.

FACESHAPE: Ladies with square face & long face shapes will look pretty with this trend.

3. Short Messy Celebrity Hairstyle

Short Messy Celebrity Hairstyle

If you’re looking for a casual hairstyle for this weekend, look no further, I have got you covered on this list. I like short messy haircuts, they don’t need too much attention and they give you the freedom you need. During a weekend or a vacation holiday, the last thing you want to waste your time is your hair, you want to spend more time having fan because life is short.

But at the same time, looking good is a priority especially when you need to meet a new person. So how do you look simple and beautiful? The only answer to this question is a short messy haircut featured above. It requires less attention, yet it looks awesome.

FACE SHAPE:- Ladies with oval face shapes will look nice with this messy bob haircut. If you have a bang, you can make it messy too; this will flatter your looks.

4. Short Bob Celebrity Hairstyle

Short Bob Celerity Hairstyle

If you want to look professional, I suggest you opt for this straight bob hairstyle. If you know the CEO of Yahoo (Marisa Mayer), she features this type of hairstyle. Bob hairstyles are so reliving, because they stop just around the shoulder, it is very easy to style them. Unlike other hairstyle which take too much time to style in the morning, this type of hairstyle will take you a few minutes to style.

May be the only long time it will take, is when you’re cutting the edges, they have to be on the same level and trouble comes when you want to cut hair at the back. But once the all shape is defined, the rest work is easy to do. Every morning, damp your hair to make it soft, blow dry it so that it becomes wet free, but make sure it stays moist, and then brush it straight with a fine brush.

Straight bob hairstyles are always associated with split ends. Every time you brush this hair, the brush pulls underlying hair. You can use a pair of sharp scissors to trim off these split ends. After that, use a holding spray to give your bob cut a smooth texture. The hold spray will ensure that your straight bob stays straight all day long.

FACE SHAPE:  This straight bob haircut will look good in ladies with long / square face shapes. If you have a round face, you might consider cutting it short.

5. Short Pixie Celebrity Hairstyle

Short Pixie Celebrity Hairstyle

When it comes to beauty, simplicity rocks more and it makes a big statement. If you don’t want to waste too much time in the saloon, yet at the same time you want to have that glamorous look like our celebrity in the picture above, a layered pixie haircut will do the magic for you.

The only problem with super short pixie haircuts is that you can’t go back to a long hairstyle that easily. When you cut your hair very short like the lady in the picture above, It will take you a while to grow that hair long. However, some ladies prefer short haircuts to long hairstyles, so, if you plan to go short forever, I see no reason why you don’t give it a try.

6. Vintage Wavy Short Hairstyle 

Vintage Wavy Short Hairstyle for Celebrities

Bring back that old vintage look on the scene by copying this Monroe More medium length wavy hairstyle. In my past post of Kim Kardashian Hairstyles samples, I feature a picture of Kim with this particular hairstyle, this means that there is nothing new in this beauty world, celebrities keep on re-inventing what used to be hot in the old days.

The same thing applies to fashion; they only make a few modifications and hype them as new designs. There is nothing new on this planet earth, but celebrities have a way of adding value to old styles and make them look new. This wavy Marilyn Monroe hairstyle will require you to have thick hair. It looks cool on all face shapes, so don’t limit yourself, go for this vintage look and impress everyone around you.

7. Rihanna Short Hairstyle

rihanna short hairstylesI will conclude this post with Rihanna. She has lots of fans, so if I skip this post without featuring one of her trendy short hairstyle, I will be unfair to them. Rihanna has many short hairstyles and I will make a full post about her hairstyles, but for now, I will close, keep on checking for her latest hairstyles on this website.

That’s it 7 best short hairstyles for women inspired by celebrities you can try in 2018. I hope you enjoy this article, thanks


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