Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Getting tired of just letting your hair out all day? Do you want to do easy styles that require no much work since your hair is already long? Here a few simple & easy hairstyles for long hair to do.

1) Beach Waves

beach breee waves hairstyles

Beach Waves is a cute hairstyle. It looks effortless while the curls are popping. This can be done in two ways, either at the beach or our home.  This beach waves require no heat at all, it just once the hair is braided it will form the curls because of the braid.

You can braid your hair overnight or this hair style can be done overnight or in hours depending on your preference. Firstly, if your beach waves are formed at the beach then all you have to do is drench your hair in water. Then, squeeze the excess water out of the hair.

Next, scrunch your hair up and down. The upward formation of the scrunching method allows the hair to form the waves. Secondly, the other way is to do   a braid in your hair. Separate your hair into half, quarters or as many sections you would like. It may French, be fishtail, Dutch, regular braided up to the root.

You may do this a couple of hours before your event or overnight. Then, after the braids have been set than you would remove the braids to see loose waves. And voila! You achieved an effortless style with minimal effort.

Beach waves hair tutorial

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