5 Best Straight Medium Hairstyles and Haircuts

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Medium hairstyles have a magical length because they have the flexibility of long hair hence you can make a long hairstyle out of them but they still look short enough to make you feel comfortable. A fabulous way to spice up your medium length hairstyle is by applying some layers within it because these greatly help in adding shape, volume and texture to your hairstyle.

Adding layers around the face greatly help in softening angular face shapes while adding some interest to them. Try to scroll through the featured hairstyles in this article and I’m very sure you will not fail to get a straight medium hairstyles that will work best on your medium length hair.

Straight Medium Hairstyles

Straight Medium Hairstyles

This medium length hairstyle is smoothly well-styled with long shaggy layers throughout that make this lady to look fun and youthful. the hair is parted deeply on one side while one side has flipped in ends and the other side has a long side swept bang with flipped out ends hence this adds flair and interest to her hairstyle.

How to style

  • With help of a blow dryer and a large paddle brush, smooth and straighten hair while removing all the moisture from it.
  • Part your hair and then style the long side swept bang down and towards the side you want it to fall using a paddle brush.
  • After all the hair is completely dry, flat iron it but in smaller sections from nape while moving up-wards.
  • Detail your hairstyle by beveling your flat iron slightly under at the hair ends and out on the bangs.

Recommended product

Hair root-lift gel: you should try to scrunch your wet hair with a root lift gel because it will help to add some volume and texture even when your hair is completely dry.

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