Top Trending Hairstyles for Men 2018

Trending Hairstyles for Men

Gentlemen 2018 has just begun and you’re probably looking for a new hairstyle this year. 2018 is the year of new style, look and finessing. A new hairstyle can change your overall appearance making you look different from head to toe or change your grooming game. Whether the hairstyle is short, tapered or long, you will be finessing 2018. These are the trending hairstyles for men in 2018.


1.Crop and Fringe

crop and fringeTrending hairstyles for men. The fringe at the top can be short or long depending on the style you are going for. This version is cut short so it’s not covering most of his face to hide his features. In addition, the sides, and back of his head are shaven really low. As well as, the side \burns are trimmed neatly to give a polished look. This is great for work especially a business meeting.

2. High fade Haircut

high fade haircut

Trending hairstyles for men. This hairstyle is so simple to achieve. Ask your barber to shave your hair up to your temples, which is the corners of your hair. Then drop it low below the crown of your head, which is the middle of your hair. A very simple hairstyle that will have you looking classy.

3. Textured Sweep Back + Hair Fade

Textured Sweep Back + high fade

This is the textured sweep back with the high fade also a trending hairstyles for men. As you can see the back and sides of his hair is faded really low.  Then, the hair in the middle is combed backwards given a textured sweep. This is great for any hair type. In order to preserve you would need to keep the sides low. In addition, keepthe top layer moisturised with your favourite product for your hair type. It can be rocked to any event, whether you are going out to dinner with your significant other, work or for a drink with your friends.

4. Heartthrob Bob

Heartthrob Bob

Trending hairstyles for men. A lot of males this year may decide to grow their hair this year and embrace the true length. Having longer hair could be your 2018 hairstyle. First, ensure your hair grows to your desired length, for example below the neck or above the shoulders. Then, cut in different layers it to enhance your facial features. In addition, it gives texture to the style and your look.

5. The Technicolour Crop

Technicolour Crop

The style has been sported by the infamous Frank Ocean. He has not only worn the colour blue but green and pink as well. Jaden Smith has also been seen wearing the low crop of the hair with it being dyed a “bright colour”. This hairstyle will definitely let your wardrobe pop for the year of 2018. Jaden Smith has been seen wearing this hairstyle as well with the colour pink.

6. Messy Buzz Cut and Shaved Line

Messy Buzz Cut and Shaved Line

This simply hairstyle still adds class to any outfit. It has a simple design, which is a low cut and really low sideburns. The buzz cut at the top is long and styled a bit messy. In addition, there is a shaved line from the side of the head into the eyebrow. This hairstyle is a cool one.

7. Mohawk haircut

mohawk haircut

This may be an old hairstyle from the previous years, but it is still wearable for 2018. The Mohawk haircut has been worn at least once by every man in his life. For this hairstyle the sides of the hair are shaved off, leaving only the middle with hair. It can also be worn with more hair on top than at the bottom. The silhouette vibe of the look is great. If it is worn long or short, it is still a great hairstyle.

8. Afro

Afro hairstyles

The afro is coming back into style for 2018. It embraces the black culture and attitude. For this hairstyle, an African-American man would simply let his hair grow out to the desired length. Then, pick and fluff at the roots to make it bigger. Colin Kaepernick is definitely the star feature for this look.Rock On!


9. No Sideburns and Hairline

No Sideburns and Hairline

This is a neckline hairstyle. For these type of hairstyles, the hair above the neck is trimmed into a nice juxtaposition diagonal lines. However in this hairstyle, not only is there a neckline design but his sideburns and hairlines are gone as well. Then, the top layer is blown out or brushed with mousse, and combed to give layers.

10. The Ginger Cure

The Ginger Cure

Ginger head hairstyles are in for 2018. Or, if you have dirty blonde hair, then you can dye it in order to achieve this colour. It is not a bold colour, it is subtle yet makes a statement. You can choose to wear it long or short, depending on what you prefer.

11. The Braids

The Braids

Not braids that females wear, but “braids for men”. This style is seen mostly by our artistes such as ASAP Rocky, Miguel and many others. This style involves growing out your African American hair. Then, when it is long when stretched, for example,the hair reaches your ear, neck, shoulder, you braid it. Braiding your hair small will allow the style to look neater as well as, it will last longer.

12. Textured Slick Back

Textured Slick Back

This style has improved since 2007. It is longer, higher, has more texture and body.  As you can see the hair is styled into a fade from the back, then the top layer is combed back using a moose. And, the comb is manoeuvred to give the top layer texture waves.

13. Classic Men’s Hairstyle

Classic Mens Hairstyles

Lastly, you can never go wrong with just sticking to what you know. The years may go on however the classic hairstyles will never die. This is the classic men’s hairstyle with a full head of hair styled in layers, textures, waves or with side parts. In addition, a full beard is grown out and shaped to complement the hairstyle.

Hopefully, these hairstyles inspired your new 2018 look. Time to look trendy gentlemen. Remember picking the best hairstyle may depend on your face structure, features, hair type as well as your styling time. You can talk with your barber to figure out which works best for you. In addition, switch up your wardrobe to complement the new hairstyle. See More Hair Styles


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