Variations of Undercut Hairstyles for a Solid Look

Undercut Hairstyles for Men

Undercut hairstyles for men. The undercut hairstyles is identical to the neatly shaved hairstyle on the side and bottom of the hair. This style can be varied with many hairstyles, ranging from man bun, crop cut, and others. In fact, undercut can also be used to create faux hawk. Variations of the pieces were different, there is a fade style cut gradually, or disconnected undercut contrast with the hair on top. Curious how many hairstyle variations can be produced by undercut? See below the full variations!

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Variations of undercut hairstyles that you can try

Faux hawk

subtle faux hawk

Mohawk hair model that is identical with the punk community is then adapted into faux hawk. Later, faux hawk became one of the popular models of footballer’s hair.

The undercut accent on faux hawk style will reinforce and make the middle hair visible standing without the help of many hair products.

This year’s hair style trends lead to long hair. Although not only defined as long hair, many stylist who said men tend to choose a classic haircut with long hair that is left long.

Gradual undercut

Gradual undercut

The usual short haircuts will look more attractive with gradual undercut accents on the sides and back.

editor tips: This hairstyle is very showing the scalp, so make sure there is no visible dandruff. No matter which hairstyles you choose, it will be useless if your hair is dandruff.

Keep the length of the top hair so you can set the semi quiff style to make your hair look more textured and volume. This will be very useful if your hair is thin.

Classic hairstyle like quiff or pompadour also looks cool with an undercut accent.

Man bun

man bun

Undercut hairstyles for men. Undercuts are quite essential in creating a man bun style. Moreover, if your condition is not possible to have long hair but still want to feel the sensation of tying the hair.

One way to make your undercut man bun looks different is to provide the effect of the resulting line by shaving. Old trends that remain popular today.

Disconnected hairstyles

disconnected hairstyles

Unlike the hairstyle that has been discussed earlier, this undercut hairstyle is called the disconnected style because it makes the top and bottom hair look separate.

This disconnected hairstyle can create the impression of extreme contrast. For example, to produce a bowl cut style, you simply shave your bottom and round hair.

To give a modern twist, hairstyles in quiff style by giving the volume at the top. Spray hairspray for more durable and durable.

editor tips: Forget comb, hairstyle with finger in quiff style. When ‘crest’ is formed, a little side to be different.

Undercut on medium hair

Undercut on medium hair

Undercut hairstyles for men. I think we agree that the haircut can make our confidence increase. With this variation, you can still maintain hair length but do not look messy.

A little tip for your pride dreadlock hair looks more presentable and fit to attend a formal event: give an undercut accent at the bottom.

Not just a matter of aesthetics, undercut style is the right choice for you who like to practicality. Flexible and applicative, what’s not to like!

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