50 Best Wavy Hairstyles To Change Your Looks

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Wavy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Wavy hairstyles for long hair for all the ladies that are crazy about wavy hairstyles well you can be rest assured you are in the right place because in the post you are going to 50 of the best wavy hairstyles that will not only turn you into a beauty queen but also keep you up with what’s trending. Wavy hair is not so different form curly hair however the nature of the curls will differ from those of curly hair.

When it comes to wavy hair the curls are loose and much easier to create, so if you naturally have straight hair and want it make it curly it is better to try out the wavy hairstyles first as they will not strain you hair much like really curly hair will do. Enough of the talk, now let’s get directly to the whole list of totally flawless hairstyles.



medium length wavy hairstyles

Wavy hairstyles for long hair. Medium length hair usually does not go down passed the shoulders, it is neither too long nor is too short therefore if you want to start growing your hair long you can start with medium length hair because it is much easier to maintain as compared to long hair.

It is all season hair as it keeps you comfortable in both hot and cold weather, in the picture the stunning beauty is rocking a medium length wavy hairstyle with a very slight side part and bangs falling down to the shoulders.

I love the way the wavy roll away from her face giving her round face shape such a stunning appearance. Blue eye shadow was exactly what she needed to make her small brown eyes catch our attention.

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